Meet Us

I’m a natural light photographer based where the mountains meet the ocean in beautiful Vancouver, BC. With a love for timeless, romantic imagery, I take a naturally styled meets photojournalist approach to photography to create authentic images with an elegant, classic and clean style. Ever focused on beauty and the thrilling art of creation found in the moments that leave me breathless and in awe.

No one inspires me more than the couples I’ve had the honour of working with. Their deep love for each other and desire to create their own traditions, has given me an even greater appreciation for those who put their trust in me and value my approach. 


Married five years ago, in an intimate outdoor wedding on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, not only do I love capturing weddings, I know what it’s like to be a bride. I know first hand the time spent deciding on the perfect venue and sifting through all the vendors needed to bring your vision to life. 

Born and raised on the West Coast, I’m never far from the ocean. I find joy in the simple moments and love peaceful walks amongst the trees and a glass of good wine. I travel often and draw inspiration from beautiful scenery and rich culture and history. I have a soft spot for anything wild and organic; undone florals and the beauty that lies within the smallest of details bring me great joy.



I’m honoured to capture the raw beauty of true emotion and document authentic love stories. Each couple is unique, each love story is one of a kind and capturing it authentically is done so with trust and understanding.

Photography to me is so much more than a collection of moments frozen in time, it’s the in between moments that I live for. The fleeting moments you wish you could hold onto forever – the ones that reflect you – those are the moments I want you to be able to look back on for years to come.

"I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." 

Vincent Van Gogh


To escape. To experience a world outside of my own. Travel continues to open my eyes; it allows me to grow, dream, and most importantly, reflect.


When I’m not travelling or photographing, I can be found curled up at home with a candle lit, enjoying a glass of wine with my husband. I'm happiest when we're together.


Forever at home near the ocean. There’s little I love more than an adventure, preferably by the sea. I’m inspired by the sound of the ocean; the wildness in the waves.


The little things in life are worth celebrating. It's the simple things, that can seem so ordinary but are so incredible, that I love; little whispers, Sunday mornings, sunsets...

the little things

Peaceful afternoons wandering through vineyards is a favorite of mine. Summers in the Okanagan and early fall days in Napa; beautiful views, good company and great wine.

wine country

Those warm summer evenings, and the beautiful light that accompanies them, have helped create some of my favorite memories, with both clients and friends.

summer evenings